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entrée.DOC: Document Scanning

Solve Your Document Filing Issues

Foodservice distributors are faced with the challenge of needing immediate access to important documents, such as signed customer invoices.  But the amount of time it takes to file these documents, store them and then retrieve them when needed, takes up valuable time, warehouse space and human resources.  Using entrée.DOC, your documents can be easily and instantly viewed while providing you with the option to print, fax or email them as a PDF document.  Documents which can be scanned and stored electronically include signed customer invoices, customer checks, purchasing documents, receiving documents, credit applications and others.  

Defining Documents for Scanning

The entrée.DOC software has the ability to automatically recognize documents and to whom they belong. This works for loading sheets, invoices, customer checks, receiving documents, purchase orders and other important documents.  For example, when a driver returns from making their deliveries, you can place a stack of signed invoices into the sheet feeder of a scanner, and the entrée.DOC software will use its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) abilities to determine the invoice number and customer of that invoice. This is because it knows where on the form the invoice number and customer number are located, and will automatically associate the scanned document with the proper invoice, even when multiple pages are involved. 

Working With Scanned Documents

Whenever you need to have access to the scanned document, such as an invoice, it's always just a few mouse clicks away.  Not only can you view the full image scan on your screen, but you can also easily choose to print, email or fax the document.  When emailing a scanned document, the entrée system converts it to a PDF file for easy viewing.  If you use our entrée.NET software for Internet based order entry, etc., your customers can view these scanned invoices themselves.  Or if your salespeople use the Electronic Order Pad, they can view the scanned invoice on their iPad at any time.  The entrée.NET and Electronic Order Pad software will make scanned invoices available for up to 13 months. This is truly a time saving feature for your office, and one that your customers and sales team will appreciate.