Solve Document Filing Issues

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entrée.DOC is a software module that allows you to electronically store scanned copies of important documents, such as signed customer invoices.  Using this module means that you will no longer need to waste time filing paper documents, or searching for ones that need to be retrieved.  Documents scanned using entrée.DOC are converted into a PDF file that can be electronically stored, printed, faxed, or emailed.  Your customers and DSRs will be able to view these scanned documents in entrée.NET and the Electronic Order Pad.

Note that our entrée.PEN Anoto Digital Pen software was created to take the place of entrée.DOC for those food distributors looking to utilize the latest in technology and features for their sales force.  Please visit the entrée.PEN page for more information.

Automatically Recognized Documents

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The entrée.DOC software has the ability to automatically recognize documents and to whom they belong. This works for loading sheets, invoices, customer checks, receiving documents, purchase orders and other important documents.  Entrée.DOC uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to determine the customer name and invoice number, and automatically associates the scanned document with the proper invoice.