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entrée.EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Solutions for your Vendors / Customers

The entrée.EDI module represents our custom development services to support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between you and your vendors and customers. EDI is a document standard which acts as a common interface between your entrée software and your vendors and customers in-house computer systems. It is used for e-commerce purposes such as a customer sending an order to your warehouse, you submitting an invoice for payment or submitting a purchase order to your vendor. It eliminates the need for paper documents and internal manual processes which provides the advantages of fewer errors, lower administrative costs and faster order-to-cash cycles.


Creating a EDI Solution for Your Exact Needs

Though many common EDI formats exist (such as "810" for invoices, "850" for purchase orders, "856" for shipping notices/manifests and "832" for price/sales catalog), the "mapping" of the EDI standard to how you have defined you data in entrée, the transmission method (such as Internet based "FTP") and other factors create the need for NECS to customize these transmissions based upon the requirements from your vendor or customer. For example, an EDI "810" invoice can vary between each of your customers, depending on their specifications. Also, many times a customer or vendor may claim to require "EDI" communications; however their data requirements can differ far from the standard.

When your company has a need for an EDI type document for communication between your entrée software and your vendor or customer, we request that you forward to us their data specifications document. We will then review this document, discuss with you how the data should be mapped within your entrée software and provide a proposal to produce the EDI files as required. You can then profit from all the advantages EDI offers.


Our EDI Experience

Over the years, NECS has worked with a variety of companies in establishing EDI Import/Export transmissions with entrée.  A small sampling of these companies include:

  • • Bojangles
  • • Coca Cola
  • • Corner Bakery
  • • Edible Arrangements
  • • Food Lion
  • • Kroger
  • • Loblaws
  • • Nestle Bpaid
  • • Omni Hotels
  • • Phillip Morris
  • • Polar Beverage
  • • Portillo’s
  • • Produce Alliance
  • • Publix
  • • Restaurant Solutions
  • • Safeway
  • • Simple Greek
  • • Sobey’s
  • • Starbucks