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Electronic Warehouse Manager: Overview

The Electronic Warehouse Manager requires  entrée V3/V4
Android version 4.1 or later
Galaxy S2 8" or 9"
Bluetooth barcode laser scanner
KDC350 Barcode Scanner with Finger Trigger Glove recommended
Socket Mobile Durascan D730 scanner recommended
Bluetooth enabled weight scale

Doran Scales recommended

Rice Lake:
CW-90X Over/Under Washdown Checkweigher
(Requires Bluetooth Interface, recommended IOGEAR Bluetooth Serial Adapter, GBC232A)

Receiving, Picking & more

The Electronic Warehouse Manager is the productivity tool which every food distributor needs to automate their warehouse operations while reducing or eliminating time consuming office tasks. It runs on economically priced Android devices with Bluetooth barcode scanners to change your warehouse processes to a real-time, paperless environment. It's easy to use touch interface and intuitive design make it easy for the average employee to pick up and become proficient with little or no training. It fully supports barcode scanning, can connect with Bluetooth enabled scales for distributors who weigh product, and you can print customer picking labels as line items on a customer's order are filled. The Electronic Warehouse Manager is one of our most exciting new software applications to be offered because of its ability to bring speed and accuracy to warehouse operations while reducing warehouse and office staff. It also improves your reputation for reliability by having accurate orders that go out correctly the first time, while eliminating customer "special runs" to correct critical order picking errors.

Eliminate Paper Processes

The Electronic Warehouse Manager eliminates the generation and waste of paper processes such as printing receiving documents, Pick Lists and Loading Sheets. These documents can become outdated almost as quickly as they are printed. Customer add-on's and other invoice revisions can create problematic issues of double-picking and other mistakes that wind up hurting your warehouse efficiencies and your bottom line. There is also the time wasting office procedures regarding invoicing which require your office staff to input catch weights, item substitutions, quantity shortages, etc. For example, once an order is picked and scanned the final invoices can be printed immediately without the need for the warehouse crew and drivers to wait for the office to key in catch weights, quantities, substitutions, etc.

How It Works

The Electronic Warehouse Manager is an Android application which is designed to run on a 7 " or 10" Android tablet, such as the Google Nexus 7. The Android tablet communicates with attached Bluetooth devices such as barcode scanners and weight scales. The tablet communicates directly with the server where your entrée software is installed via WIFI, so WIFI must be available anywhere in your warehouse where you desire to use it. Data collected from the tablets is immediately saved on your entrée server, so if a tablet stops working (ex: dead battery), no data is lost. When barcode labels are scanned, all the data from the label is saved such as lot numbers, expiration dates, production dates, serial numbers, weights, etc.

Scan Almost Any Barcode Label

While other warehouse automation solutions require a food distributor to re-label inventory as it is received to support their software, the Electronic Warehouse Manager uses the manufacturers existing barcode label. This is a tremendous time and cost savings for a food distributor. The Electronic Warehouse Manager also fully supports both scanning and printing the new GS1 style barcode used by most food manufacturers and now the industry standard.

Real Time Picking & Receiving

Your warehouse crew can see add-on's and other revisions in real time, to prevent time wasting picking errors. Also picking tasks can easily be isolated to filter for certain inventory categories such as temperature zones, CASE items only, catch weights only, non-CASE items, etc. Purchase orders can quickly be received and inventory updated in real time. Employee productivity and a complete history of each item picked/scanned/weighed is tracked and traceable.

Visibility of Scanned Data from Barcode Scanning

As products are scanned during the picking process with EWM, the entrée system will save and provide you with full visibility of the all the key fields encoded on the barcode label.  This visibility is for each scanned barcode, so if the customer ordered 10 CASE’s of a specific item, each of the 10 CASE’s scanned barcode label data is saved and can be viewed and reported on.  The screen shot below is from the "Change/View Invoice" option in entrée and illustrates one area of visibility.  When a line item is highlighted in "Change/View Invoice", the information panel on the right will display the scanned data per label including who it was scanned by, the date/time of the scan, the Lot Number, Expiration Date, Serial Number, Production Date, Packaging Date, Sell by Date and Weight of the item.